The NCX Interviews: Abraham Joseph, Nutanix Senior Resident Consultant

The NCX Interviews: Abraham Joseph, Nutanix Senior Resident Consultant
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The Nutanix Certified Expert (NCX) certification tests candidates on their ability to create and deliver Cloud-Smart solutions that leverage the Nutanix stack for Private Cloud and the best offerings from our Public Cloud partners for hybrid services.

Every NCX is an expert in their field and has proven their ability to design enterprise-scale solutions that support business-critical applications with service level agreements specified by business stakeholders.

Recently we caught up with new NCX, Abraham Joseph, to talk about his experience earning this expert-level certification and to get his advice for other professionals looking to earn their NCX.


Can you tell us about your IT background? 

I started my IT career after getting recruited to IT services and consulting firm Infosys while I was still in my 3rd year of engineering college. Even though I graduated in electrical and electronics engineering, we studied a lot of computer science and its applications in the electrical and electronics field, plus six months of on-the-job training at Infosys provided a good foundation for my IT career.

After a short stint at Infosys, I joined another consulting firm, Cognizant Technology Solutions, managing storage, data protection, and BC/DR for enterprise customers. My zeal to be at the forefront of changing technology had me knock on the doors of companies where technology was created, and I was fortunate to work for EMC in their Advanced Storage Division. At EMC I had the opportunity to work with customers and teams across the globe in the areas of software-defined storage, datacenter monitoring, and several cloud-ready products. 

Following my career at EMC, I found opportunities to help on the customer side and worked for organizations in the healthcare and electronics parts distribution industries. I played a key role in helping organizations transform their traditional data centers into cloud-ready IT infrastructure using HCI solutions and automation. 

I've had the opportunity to work for Nutanix since 2019 as a consultant helping customers in the healthcare, retail, finance, and payment card industries. Using Nutanix technology and its integration with third-party solutions, I’m having fun changing the IT landscape for businesses and empowering them to be more effective at what they do.


Why did you decide to get your NCX-MCI? 

I’m eager to learn more and hone my skills in helping businesses meet their requirements and become more efficient. This drove me to get the NCX certification. It helps you build credibility in the industry, and most of all it gives you the confidence that anything is possible with hard work, persistence and determination to achieve your goals.


Can you walk us through the process of getting your NCX certification? 

First, I focused on knocking out all the Nutanix Certified Professional (NCP) and Nutanix Certified Services (NCS) exams. It helped me get a good grasp of Nutanix core architecture. I read and reread the Nutanix Bible several times. Attending the Enterprise Cloud Solution Design boot camp helped me understand the requirements for the exam, also it gave me confidence that I could achieve the NCX certification. I also talked to several Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX) folks, read their blogs and their experience in achieving NPX. I already had a design in mind going into the boot camp, which was a customer that I had helped in the past. I showed my design to a few past and present colleagues who provided me with necessary guidance and helped me with mock presentations. All of this enabled me to appear and pass the exam with confidence.


What tools/resources did you use to prepare for the certification, and what is your opinion of the NCX process?

I think training and on-the-job experience both play a key role in preparing for the NCX exam. It tests your ability to design and present an enterprise-class design to customers (both technical and executive teams) and your ability to defend it. Since NCX tests you on high-level design skills, the preparation spans multiple domains, and products within the IT landscape. For Nutanix I used the Nutanix Bible, several Nutanix white papers, and best practices guides. For all third-party solutions I consulted each vendor's documentation and talked to folks with experience. I tested out my design in the lab to have a thorough understanding of how things work and integrate within the design.


What advice would you give someone who’s pursuing the NCX certification? 

The advice I would give is to set timed goals, learn from your failures, and use the training resources available to you. The journey will be challenging, but know that you can achieve it and you’ll learn so much along the way.


Are you interested in pursuing the NCX certification? Visit our website to learn more and get started. 


This article was written by Karlie Beil, Customer Marketing Specialist. 


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