Windows 2012 on AHV. After reboot it is not able to detect vdisk

  • 1 October 2020
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Operating System : MS Window 2012 server

Hypervisor : AHV

Issues :

A windows server with the above mentioned OS is running on Nutanix Cluster (AHV). The VM is not able to access via the PE while launch console it show a black screen. However, its still able to RDP into the server and the applications is still be able to access. But after awhile i presume all services went down and the above is not viable anymore. Have to hard reset the VM, after which the virtual machine power up and its not able to detect the virtual disk (the virtual disk is still physically within the cluster). Have to repair the operating system and reinstall the virtio drivers to recover the disk. This happen often, can i check if there are anyone who have experience it and also have a resolution to it. I have did some research online. Seem like its the VirtIO having problem . Will need to install the latest KVMnet drivers but i do not if this actually applies on AHV (as its based out on KVM) . Appreicate any inputs and advise. 

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Hi @Don Teun I may know what is the AOS version? 

Is it happening only for the Windows 2012 VM?  

At the time of opening the console do you see any alert?