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  • 22 August 2016
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I am an absolute noob so please be gentle to me.

Can I know if Nutanix supports applications built that run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

Basically, I have many applications that run on RHEL 7 that I am in the process of virtualizing using RHEV.

So when I googled and saw this article below I was curious if Nutanix really supported RHEL and RHEV?

Can someone confirm?

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9 replies

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Virtual servers running RHEL7 certainly can run on Nutanix... It depends of course of the hypervisor you want to install on the Nutanix nodes...
When running VMware or AHV, RHEL7 is supported... I think it is also supported by Microsoft on Hyper-V, but reading your question, I cannot imagine, you are going to run Hyper-V on a Nutanix platform.

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Yes, this works for sure. Easy stuff. Feel free to reach out any time
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hi john;

i am sure it will work but the true question is :
is it supported Redhat on AHV ?

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alapaquette - Yes, as of the time of writing of this post, we support the following versions of RHEL on AHV:

RHEL 5.10, 5.11, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5, 6.6, 6.7, 6.8, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2

You can see the most up to date list in our online documentation, here:

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Hi Jon,I know that RHEL is supported on AHV. But I cant find document from Red Hat that its certified to run on AHV.Red Hat only certified on VMware and their own KVM.Please advise.
Is RHEL 6.9 supported? Didn't see it in the list.


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fanwar - sorry I missed this from a while back. Certified and supported are of course two different things. We are more than happy to take the first call on anything that runs on our platform, as we want to know when customers are having problems.

I would urge you strongly to bring these concerns up to your Red Hat account team and have an open discussion with both them, and your Nutanix account team. We're happy to help and at the end of the day, we want our joint customers to be successful, so let's keep the converation going

lmagallon sorry again for missing this from a while back. The list / link above is what we've tested, and explictly support on our platform.

Other configs like RHEL 6.9 mentioned above will very likely work, we just haven't done the testing on it.
While AHV supports and very well may certify RHEL or even OEL, it quite a different matter when the app teams look up whether or not RHEL or OEL is certified to run on AHV. Qualified app owners are very particular about having this documentation. Without the cerfiication by the OS owners, the best you can do is use the support statements by the OS owners which merely states they will support the OS but further steps to diagnose any issues may involve installing the VM onto a certified hypervisor or a standalone system to clear the OS involvement.

All this is very troublesome as the individual app owners feel it is not a solid solution. As infrastructure owners, we know different. The only alternative is to use an alternate hypervisor or a second hypervisor on separate hardware which of courese involves additional costs for hardware and hypervisor.

Is Nutanix actively working with RedHat and Oracle to obtain this certification by them?
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As stated above, RHEL on AHV is not certified by Red Hat. RHEL runs perfectly on AHV and Nutanix offers first level support. In most cases, this support will be more than sufficient compared to paid RHEL support. I've heard there have been discussions between Red Hat and Nutanix on offical qualification but nothing has been arranged at this time. The best course of action is to communicate to your Red Hat representitives that you want them to certify AHV. The more pressure customers can create by being vocal the better chance Red Hat will see the need to satisfy customer demand.