power on vm after failover recovery

  • 23 November 2022
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We have this event power on vm after failover recovery on random virtual machines, this generates unavailability.Does anyone have a solution on the matter.
We don't know why the restart of the VMs is happening

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3 replies

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Looks like HA Reservation is not turned on. When a node/host goes down (lcm or failure) then machines are migrated on best effort. When there is not enough memory available then machine are turn off. When the node comes back online those machines are turned on again. 

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Hello @Coopcentral and @NYPD 

When the AHV host is restarted, the AOS automatically creates a "Host restore VM locality” task to migrate VMs back to the host where they were initially running. In some cases, you may notice that such a task disappears from the Tasks page in the Prism UI.

It is by design behavior that the "Host restore VM locality” task is hidden on the Tasks page in the Prism UI if we cannot restore locality for all VMs. If locality was restored for all VMs then "Host restore VM locality” tasks will continue to be shown on the Tasks page.

We've run into exactly the same problem but we didn't find any log related to this outage.


We've just opened a case since we couldn't identify the root cause.