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  • 24 December 2018
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I'm looking to created clustered files servers using Windows Server Failover Clustering - VMs will be in-guest, i'm using AHV.

My understanding that presenting the Nutanix storage via iSCSI to WSFC servers is supported however i'm confused about how to setup the networking and the Nutanix ABS documentation doesn't make this clear. I'm used to creating a separate storage network / VLAN for all storage traffic however the iSCSI target IP address is recommended to be on the same network as the CVMs / all of the Nutanix infrastructure.

So the question is do i create a separate network for storage and have it route to the iSCSI target IP address, or have the iSCSI initiators on the same network as the iSCSI target / data services IP?

It wouldn't seem logical to mix the CVM traffic with storage traffic, however also not great to have to route storage traffic.


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2 replies

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Hi Adam,

At the moment you have to add the iSCSI data services IP address on the same network of CVM external IP address. Keep in mind that you can always open a feature request ticket on support or ask if there is already a feature request open and ask to link your case.

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Hi All,

I believe iSCSI segregation is coming in version 5.11 release. Can this be confirmed and do you know how this will work?

How do other customers do this? Routing iSCSI traffic is probably OK but putting your DB VM's on the same network as the CVM network crazy unless the traffic is being filtered somehow.