Finding VM Disk Ownership in AHV

  • 16 November 2020
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Our 3rd party backup software does a poor job of cleaning up vdisks off of a proxy after it does its backups.  Many times, it will leave the vdisk from a snapshot mounted to its proxy server and not delete it.  This is a known issue that has been brought up with the vendor (Quest NetVault).  

Our question is, what is the easy way to see what disks are owned by the proxy VM and what disks are owned by a snapshot image?  We want to be sure we don’t remove a disk that is owned by the proxy server.


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I would ask the backup vendor to verify SCSI addresses of the native Proxy VM disks (i.e. SCSI 1.1, SCSI 0.0 and so on) and the rest of the disks would be mounted snapshot disks.

Otherwise, there is no easy way, I’m afraid.