Convert AHV disks to SCSI in Windows 2013 post-MOVE migration?

  • 15 December 2022
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I followed instructions to migrate a Windows 2013 server from ESX to AHV successfully according using Nx MOVE to, it works great by the way.


Now… In the process SCSI disks are cloned to IDE and the Windows 2013 SCSI controller is not recognized. 


In this scenario, Is it possible to reconvert those disks back to SCSI? I guess I need to get the driver first (Fedora?) and follow available procedure to reconvert, Has anyone done this?





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3 replies

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Hello @Jlperezdlp 

Please check below:


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Got it. Thanks!

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For a Windows 2008 (not R2) scenario, Is this a possibility? Moving the VM converting disks to IDE, then adding the SCSI driver and finally reconverting them to SCSI?


I checked and SCSI is supported too in Windows 2008. Thanx!

Editing my post: Just checked the right way to move Win2k8 to AHV. Dismiss this one, thanks anyway :-).