AHV vcpu vs vcores

  • 13 February 2017
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We just fired up a 3 node cluster HX1310 with AHV. Trying to keep things lean and mean...

When a Windows guest needs more CPU, is it "better" to go with more vcores or more vcpu in AHV?

I'm asking from a performance perspective and perhaps licensing perspecitve.....


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I'm hardly an expert, but the 'AHV Best Practices' guide recommends more vCPUs. I'll paste the quote below, maybe someone else can fill in more details if you need them.

Nutanix recommends first increasing the number of vCPUs whenmore than one CPU is needed in a VM, rather than increasing the cores per vCPU. If a user VMrequires four CPUs, Nutanix recommends the configuration shown below.