X-Ray Use Docker

  • 13 June 2018
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Starting to work with x-ray, I have realised that it use docker and like usual with docker ... it use as internal network our network range (took me few secs understand why I could not connect to vcenter)

Of course it is easy to put a daemon.json in place and reboot but maybe some reference in user doc would help other to plan and prepare no ?

2 replies

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Docker use it own network in a bridge. By default it consumes a confortable that we notice because we use for our vcenter


explain how to reconfigure.

After a reboot (more faster than online reconfiguration), x-ray works unless you use metro availability, but this is another story
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It actually uses the host network mode within the VM, so really it's just passed through. Could you elaborate on what you had to to do make it work?