X-Ray opens with a blank screen?

  • 8 May 2019
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When loading X-Ray you get presented with a blank screen. The black menu bar at the top is visible but there is no screen data.

You are able to click on the menu items and the underline appears where you click but no subsequent data appears?

6 replies

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Roberteo, is this with XRay-3.4?
Did you see a pop-up for applying a token to activate the XRay VM.
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No. This is X-Ray 3.3.

The new Token was applied last week and should have been good for another ~21 days.

Thank you...
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In looking at the About & ... it does seem that it wants a new Token. However when Renew is clicked it does nothing...
Hello @Roberteo,

Sorry to hear that X-Ray is not working correctly. It sounds like the X-Ray Server is not responding. When you have a moment, would you please log in to the X-Ray VM via SSH (username nutanix, password nutanix/4u) and run the following command to restart the server:

sudo docker restart xrayserver

Please let us know if that makes a difference in the behavior you're seeing.

If that does get things working again, if you would please export the server logs and send those to us (you can email them to me like you did last time), we can do some debugging and see if we can identify why the service became unresponsive.

Thank you very much!

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Thank you. Unfortunately this did not resolve the issue.

We are trying to download the v3.4...
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Hi @Roberteo did version 3.4 help with our issue?