looking for additional results for comparisons

  • 20 June 2019
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Would anyone happen to have X-Ray Four Corners Microbenchmark results for the following scenarios:

  • 2-node Nutanix cluster, 1 GB uplinks
  • 2-node Nutanix cluster, 10 GB uplinks
  • 3-node Nutanix cluster, 1 GB uplinks
  • 3-node Nutanix cluster, 10 GB uplinks
I'm testing some scenarios against Cisco Hyperflex and HPE SimpliVity (which I currently have environments to test against), but don't have access to any Nutanix hardware.

BTW...X-Ray is a GREAT product!

3 replies

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I have a three node 10 GB linked system. It is currently running v5.10.5.

Here are the results from that:


Let us know how they compare to yours...
Thanks! Here's what I have:

Cisco Hyperflex 3-node connected into fabric interconnects via 40GB

HPE SimpliVity (I think the "large" model) with the 10GB storage network plugged directly into one another