What can I find in the 'Welcome' area?

  • 2 November 2018
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First, let me say “Welcome to the Nutanix community”

You are joining a community of global influencers, cloud builders and advocates who influence change with practical advice, and bold ideas.

In this section you will find the latest community news, community how-to’s, FAQ’s, and generally how to get the most out of your online experience. Be sure to check this area often or subscribe to this area to stay current on the latest news.

Check out the following posts to get started and remember to have fun!

👉 How to Change Your Community Profile Avatar
One of the fun things about participating in an online community is developing a community identity. One way to do that is with a personalized avatar. You can have lots of fun with this, as it can give folks a sense of your personality.

👉 Did you know: You can @Mention other members
One of the features you see a lot of on social media sites are @Mentions. With @Mentions you can acknowledge other community members in your replies and add members into your posts.

👉 Lets Build the Future Together - Submit Your Product Ideas
We have a new product idea forum, where you can submit an idea and if others think its something they would like to see developed - they can "vote up" the idea. If we get enough people interested we will move it through the acceptance workflow and keep you involved as the idea progress.

👉 [HowTo] I'm new here, how do I get started?
The secret to getting the most from an online community - is giving back twice as much! If fun and rewarding when others give you a 'Like' or select your answer as 'Best Answer'.

Ping me if you have any questions - Thanks

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