Lets Build the Future Together - Submit Your Product Ideas

  • 18 July 2018
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When using a product, have you ever asked yourself these questions?
  • It would be cool if ...?
  • What if I was able to ...?
  • If I could do this, it would make my life easier ...?
  • I wonder if others would think this would be a cool feature ...?
Having a space to share those ideas with others can also help to refine and accelerate adoption. It's really cool when the community can come together and help shape the future of a product or service to better meet the needs of its community. This is the power of community at its best!

Build the future: Product Ideas Forum (Login required)

Now you have a chance to share those breakthrough and game-changing ideas with the community. We have a new product idea forum, where you can submit an idea and if others think its something they would like to see developed - they can "vote up" the idea. If we get enough people interested we will move it through the acceptance workflow and keep you involved as the idea progress.

When you create a topic, you will see the idea button make sure to click that when adding your post to that forum. It will enable the add a 'vote' button to your post and include the 'New' status.

You can also search on the different status options to how your favourite idea is doing and to help vote up other ideas that might need that extra nudge.

As an idea gains momentum with folks upvoting, we have different categories to keep you informed on progress:
  • New - new posted idea
  • Already Offered - in the current product
  • In Progress - we are developing the feature
  • Under Review - we are evaluating the idea
  • Future Consideration - we will revisit the idea
  • Delivered - completed and in product
  • Not Planned - not currently on in development
This is an awesome opportunity to get involved and have your voice heard. This is where the power of community shines the brightest. I'm eager to see what you suggest and how we can work together to make it happen.

BTW - We do have Nutanix swag to give away, so be sure to submit an idea and let's see what your ideas can inspire!

Let's build the future together!

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