No more CVM after disk remove

  • 29 April 2024
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Hello team,

Always in learning Nutanix that’s totally new for me, I performed some tests today. 

One of those was to remove a disk to check if system will still be up. And… no :)

All the CVM is crashed because it don’t find the removed disk.

I have a Nutanix CE with a single node cluster. 

Is Nutanix storage pool not working as a RAID (1 or 5?) by default? Is there something to configure? 

Coming from VMWare, I make the comparison. On my ESXi I can lost one disk as I’m protected by the RAID-5 of the Raid-controller. Should I also use a RAID-5 for Nutanix? I read that disk must be in RAID-0 and Nutanix will protect it. 

How protect my single node cluster from a single disk failure?

I certainly misunderstand or misconfigure something. 

Thanks for you help ! 

PS: The disk I removed was not one of those declared for the CVM during the installation, it’s a “Data” disk. 


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A single node cluster is, off course, not protected for disk outage. Unless you have multiple data and multiple cvm disks in it. 


The normal, commercial, version of nutanix has a requirement of 3 nodes minimum to handle outages. And it can only run on specific hardware which is on the HCL.