Citrix PVS Support for AHV

  • 16 August 2016
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i think about Citrix PVS on Nutanix All-Flash Blocks with Acropolis Hypervisor.
But there is no offical support for AHV, which means that i have to run VMware or Hyper-V on my Nutanix Cluster to use PVS. ->
Is there any roadmap for this?

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Hello Maikel,

Do keep in mind that Nutanix AHV adds a lot of value to MCS: Acropolis DSF offers you great IO performance and easier storage management;less network IO; and extremely fast machine creation & blazing fast update speeds;...

While there is no product integration between AHV and Citrix PVS, it is def. possible to use PVS on top of AHV.In fact one of our Staff Solutions Architects - Kees Baggerman - published a PoSH script to automate some common CTX PVS workflows when combined with AHV.

Can you let me know what's holding you back to deploy Citrix MCS on AHV?

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Hi Steven,

hands down for what Nutanix did for MCS Integration. TOP!

We use PVS in our current environment and we are planning further steps within our actual scenario.
Therefore we take a look on PVS first 😉
We have MCS in mind but we try to use working processes and technologies if possible.

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I'd say give MCS a look and a try as you transform on to Nutanix, we're confident that for the vast majority of use cases, it will be great.

That said, as Steven mentioned, it's possible to use PVS on AHV, Kees' wrote a script to help with the integration, but past that, we've got a handful of customers already using it in this fashion.

One neat thing about PVS on AHV is that if you use Acropolis Managed networks, you can stuff the DHCP options right in there, so that you no longer have to rely on making your DHCP highly available or worrying about your network admins not configuring the options correctly.
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 Thanks both of you for your replies.

As i said i will take a look at MCS on AHV but will also try to get PVs up and running on NTX, hopefully with support someday.

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KeesBaggerman has posted a blog on his site ( with an update.

Also, check out:
1) Kees' other post -- 2) rrevord's post --
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once you capture the image its pretty straight forward.
I recommend making a base blank template first set PXE via CLI and you shouldn't have any issues.
The only issue which is why I wrote the script is mass deployment, plus it integrates XD/AHV so you can utilize power actions which are super handy.

Let me know if you have any questions happy to help!