Building Xi Frame on Nutanix hardware for on campus private cloud learning desktops

  • 6 August 2019
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I am Robby Daniels the Xi Frame administrator at Creighton University in Omaha Nebraska.
We are doing a proof of concept project to provide full Windows 10 pro VDI desktops for three of our eight colleges here at the university. We have been using "Classic Frame" hosted on AWS for two and a half years hosted in a AWS data center in Ohio. Our only issue has been network response time to and from the hosting sites. What our goal is to run all of the VDI network traffic on our LAN network. We will be using Nutanix hardware only running 4 node cluster to support XI Frame instances only. If it works out great we will be replacing lots of PC high end custom hardware / software systems with XI Frame DaaS / VDI full desktops. I would like to invite you all to chime in on any XI Frame insights you may have as this will be a game changer! Go Jays! Go Nutanix!

1 reply

Hi Robby

How did your project go, any performance issues while running full Windows 10 pro VDI desktops on your LAN