AHV VDI Desktop Performance Bench Marking

  • 11 March 2018
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Hi Everyone,

Have an interesting dilemma that I like some ideas on.

We normally produce a system benchmark for clients when we configure a VDI desktop for them. We benchmark cpu, memory, graphics and disk using Passmark

We have run into a situation when performing the benchmarks.

When using passmark to benchmark a system hosted from Nutanix it produces a very low disk benchmark score which we know is not correct. However a client sees the score and questions Nutanix storage access.

Has anyone used a differnt tool or can suggest one to benchmark a vdi desktop running from a Nutanix cluster which would accurately measure storage access?

Any suggestions would be great!


1 reply

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I'd bench the cluster storage as a whole using or X-RAY.
That said, we should be damn fast on this benchmark. How are the VDI VMs configured? Did you follow the Horizon View and Citrix best practices guides for the VM configuration? Does the same gold image benchmark better on 3 tier storage?