AHV and Connection Broker

  • 27 June 2018
  • 1 reply

I am considering VDI by using Nutanix and AHV.

Does AHV(or any tools offered from Nutanix) have Connection Broker or Provisioning service?
Is the best way using "AHV and Xen Desktop" or "VMware Horizon View"?

Before I was using MS-VDI as following Windows Server Roles.
a. RemoteDesktop Virtualization host.(physical host)
b. RemoteDesktop Connection Broker.
c. RemoteDesktop Access Web.
Is it possible equivalent for MS-VDI when using Nutanix and AHV?


1 reply

Hey Densei...I can't say that the best way for using AHV is with XenDesktop, but I have been using that combination since late 2017 and find it great to manage. As I have been using Citrix for years, I tend to favor that side as I enjoy all the connection data you can see within Desktop Studio (and Director)

I also say that as I am using Citrix MCS to provision VM's.