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The World of VDI Made Better with Assurance

by Nutanix Employee chheda on ‎11-24-2015 02:57 PM - last edited on ‎11-30-2015 06:29 AM by Community Manager (2,759 Views)

We recently celebrated the 1-year anniversary of the refresh of the widely successful VDI Assurance with one of our favorite customers, Jonathan Dubois from one of the largest healthcare providers in the New England area. Jonathan spoke on the topic of his employer’s journey to enhanced patient care using EHR and VDI on a College LIVE on Chime webinar (exclusive to their members), covering topics ranging from security, to BYOD and mobility, to supporting a diverse set of EMR/EHR, imaging, and healthcare-related applications.


One of the areas that stood out in Jonathan’s presentation was the value his team derived from the VDI Assurance service. For Jonathan’s broader organization, VDI assurance was a key factor to drive consensus across various teams to adopt VDI.  The team moved forward with peace of mind in their decision to deploy VDI and tackle key user demands such as desktop mobility, BYOD adoption, and multiple workloads.


In a nutshell, Nutanix VDI Assurance is the industry’s only VDI service where the infrastructure vendor ensures that your virtual desktops always get the compute (virtual CPU and memory) and storage (performance and capacity) resources they need, even as the deployment scales. Using Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure and VDI Assurance, IT organizations can eliminate the risk of incorrect infrastructure sizing for desktop virtualization projects.


So why is this such a big deal? Simply put, far too many VDI projects stall during or soon after the pilot phase due to incorrect infrastructure design and misalignment between the storage/compute and end-user desktops. Nutanix VDI solutions with VDI Assurance enable IT organizations to succeed where others have failed – accurately designing and sizing datacenter infrastructure that can scale beyond the pilot phase.


When initially launched, Nutanix offered VDI Assurance as a product, where IT would purchase infrastructure for their end users in packs (e.g., a pack of 100 knowledge workers) with the assurance that end-user desktops will get the same compute and storage resources on day 1,000 as they did on day 1. With the launch of the incredibly intuitive Nutanix sizer tool last year (read about it here), the solutions and services teams at Nutanix saw an opportunity to not only broaden the program to cover validated sizing for customized workloads, but also include additional services that would benefit customers beyond assurance. VDI Assurance now includes the following:


  • Validated sizing of Nutanix infrastructure
  • A five-day VDI design workshop given by some of the industry’s top experts
  • One-post installation and six bi-annual remotely conducted (and highly valued proactive care) Nutanix Fit Check Services
  • The assurance that Nutanix XCP deployed will deliver the server and storage resources necessary to deliver virtual desktops, otherwise Nutanix will remedy the situation


If you are interested in learning how your organization can get unprecedented predictability in performance and costs with Nutanix VDI solutions and VDI Assurance, email us at info@nutanix.com. We will show you how simple it is to size Nutanix based on your end-user requirements and share details behind the VDI Assurance service.


Want to learn more on your own? Visit www.nutanix.com/vdi and www.nutanix.com/resources to read various VDI collateral, case studies, and other technical resources—including those for healthcare (EMR/EHR), the public sector, and more. You can also interact with the experts on the Nutanix Next Community (next.nutanix.com).


This post was authored by Sachin Chheda and Preethy Padmanabhan


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