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Riding The Wave Of Platformization

by Community Manager ‎07-05-2016 12:10 AM - edited ‎07-11-2016 07:00 AM (1,983 Views)

The seeds of platformization were planted decades ago, with Wintel being one of the oldest and the most successful platforms of its time. At the turn of this century, iOS and Android unleashed a platform revolution in the consumer world. Millions of applications have been built and monetized on these platforms, which has not only mutually benefited the platform providers and the app developers, but also the consumers whose lives have been transformed.


The ecosystem around the iOS/Android platforms has made the whole bigger than the sum of the parts for everyone. More recently, a platform revolution is happening in the enterprise world powered by the Cloud. Salesforce, AWS, and Twilio are great examples of enterprise platforms.


A good enterprise platform needs to embody three fundamental principles: Extensibility, Agility and Seamless Experience.



Extensibility drives the creation of unprecedented value through a rich ecosystem. Salesforce is a great example of an extensible platform. Many paid enterprise applications such as Evernote for business, Domo, and others are being built on the Salesforce platform. Salesforce provides reliability, performance, and security as a part of its architecture so that the application doesn’t have to worry about these commodity services, and can focus on solving customer problems.


It also provides data in a way that can be easily integrated with third party applications. The snapshot below shows some of the applications that run on the Salesforce platform.



Source: http://bit.ly/29veAs7



The second principle around agility promotes rapid innovation, by enabling the businesses to deploy newer features/functionalities at a stellar speed. Public Cloud platforms such as AWS have made this possible for enterprises by making the consumption of features really simple and making the “how” of that consumption completely invisible to the customers.


Users can turn on features and functionalities on AWS, and not care whatsoever about the underlying infrastructure powering those features. The snapshot below shows just some of the cloud software that you can purchase and deploy as quickly as you could imagine on the AWS platform.


Source: https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace

Source: http://amzn.to/29sVzqJ



Lastly, a Seamless Experience brings it all together so that the customer experience is top notch across the application lifecycle from provisioning to operations. For instance, Waze, which is one of the most popular apps on iPhone, is not built by Apple, but you get a seamless experience while using it on the iPhone whether it is installing the app, receiving notifications, or configuring settings as if it were a native iPhone app.



Source: http://bit.ly/29HgASf


Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform Delivers on Extensibility, Agility, & Seamless Experience


Nutanix has always strived to raise the bar on the three fundamental principles of Extensibility, Agility and Seamless Experience, on our ongoing journey to deliver a world-class enterprise cloud platform. Hyperconvergence was the first and natural step for Nutanix to lay the foundation of any-hypervisor, any-workload, invisible platform to build cloud capabilities on. In the last 5 years we have come a long way in building an enterprise cloud platform which excels on extensibility, agility and seamless experience, on that foundation.


The Nutanix enterprise cloud platform can provide many value added services to the applications running on top of our hyperconverged foundation, which can be broadly classified into four categories:


  • Security & networking
  • Manageability & orchestration
  • Data protection & governance
  • Monitoring & operations

Nutanix exposes feature rich REST APIs which has led to a rich partner ecosystem providing solutions spanning these four categories of services for enterprise applications, building on the extensibility of the Nutanix enterprise cloud platform. The picture below shows a snapshot of some of our ecosystem partners. Agility is deeply embedded in our software centric architecture. Our platform is agile in introducing new features, as well as enabling customers to consume them. Customers can consume new features and feature improvements easily and quickly with one-click software upgrades, without worrying about the underlying infrastructure for any of the new features.


Further, it goes without saying that Nutanix HCI, which is the foundation of our platform, gives cloud-like agility to your on-prem datacenter. By virtue of our hypervisor agnostic approach, OpenStack integration, and Microsoft Azure CPS integration, Nutanix as a platform seamlessly blends into your environment, with the infrastructure underneath truly invisible to your applications in the datacenter.


We have a vision of taking the seamless experience to the next level and providing a similar experience to that of an iPhone app. This would let applications consume different services in standardized ways and unify the experience of different services through a single pane of glass



The Nutanix partner ecosystem showing some of our partners


The journey of Platformization is an evolution, although orders of magnitude faster than it took for humans to evolve. However, the Darwinian selection applies to the platform evolution as well, with the best technologies shaping this journey. One of these new technologies that we are excited about on our enterprise cloud platform in a subsequent release is Intent based frameworks.


Newer application frameworks with containers such as the Kubernetes are intent based. The intent based approach will shift the programming from the user to the machine, focusing on the “What” instead of the “How”. For instance, back in the dinosaur era of technology when we did not have a GPS, the burden was upon the driver to figure out how to get from point A to point B using the physical AAA map. However, with the GPS, all we need to do is specify the intent of going to a particular destination, and let the GPS figure out the ‘how,' in other words, the best route to get there.


The intent based approach shifts the programming from the user to the machine, focusing on the “What” instead of the “How”.  We also anticipate introducing many more APIs for different integrations targeting networking, security, backup & DR use cases. Our goal is to continue on this platformization journey to create a programmable, pluggable and API-driven enterprise cloud platform that provides agility, extensibility and a seamless experience never seen in the enterprise world before.


If you are a potential ecosystem partner looking to build technology solutions on the Nutanix enterprise cloud platform, then you can get started with the Nutanix Elevate Technology Alliance Program here. If you are a customer, then you can learn more about the APIs that we offer on the REST API Explorer, and leverage them for your custom requirements. This blog is just the beginning of the Nutanix enterprise cloud platform discussion. There will be more posts over the next several months about the exciting new capabilities coming to our platform.


This post is authored by Shubhika Taneja, Product Marketing Manager at Nutanix




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