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Blog Roundup: What did you miss this week?

by Community Manager on ‎10-07-2016 09:25 AM (1,293 Views)

Blog Roundup-2.png

It’s the end of another week, and Google had an event on Oct 4, where they introduced a number of hardware products. The three products that caught my eye were the Pixel phone, Google Wifi, and Google Home.


What was also interesting to me was the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, throughout the product portfolio. Something we hear more and more of and finally starting to make it into mainstream products.


If you missed the announcement this week, I have a link below from Techcrunch that sums up the major points, along with other community posts. Enjoy!


NTNX: Disrupt. Reinvent. Repeat. | Nutanix

At our Sales Kickoff this last August, I presented a few slides about companies with “Staying Power.” As insurgents, they disrupt incumbents. Then when they are about to become incumbents, they decide to reinvent themselves. And the most successful ones repeat this cycle several times.


PuppetConf speaker Grace Andrews on getting up & running with Puppet Enterprise — fast! | Puppet

Grace Andrews, a technical solutions engineer at Puppet, spends a lot of time with customers who are just learning how Puppet Enterprise works, and how to take advantage of it.

How 3 Design Principles Enable Customers To Achieve More | Nutanix

"Design" and "Customer Delight" is embedded in every step of our product cycle. Nutanix has a design-first philosophy that brings consumer-grade design and web scale engineering together to create an amazing user experience which has only been seen in the consumer world with the likes of Apple and Tesla.


Everything you need to know from Google’s Pixel event | Techcrunch

Google unveiled a gaggle of new products and services today at its event in San Francisco. The company was all about making things easy and seamless, so we thought we’d do the same. Here’s all the stuff you need to know, in one place.


Using Link Aggregation with Nutanix Nodes [Part 1: Static] | Nutanix

In the first part of a series on Link Aggregation with Nutanix, Bhavesh Vora dives into static EtherChannel and demos a configuration.


Using Link Aggregation with Nutanix Nodes [Part 2: Dynamic] | Nutanix

Bhavesh explains the process for configuring LACP on a distributed vSwitch.


Creating a Docker container Host on Windows Nano Server with Chef | Chef

This week Microsoft launched the release of Windows Server 2016 along with its ultra light headless deployment option – Nano Server. The Nano server images are many times smaller than what we have come to expect from a Windows server image.


A New Approach to Securing the Modern Data Center | Nutanix

Over the past decade, the data center has changed dramatically. Gone are the days of silos, with all that heavy reliance on hardware and physical servers. Today’s modern data centers have evolved to modern cloud-based infrastructures, heavily utilizing virtualization, software-defined infrastructure, and automation.


An Open Source Toolkit For Creating And Managing Declarative, Self-Healing Infrastructure | Docker

Docker’s mission is to build tools of mass innovation, starting with a programmable layer for the Internet that enables developers and IT operations teams to build and run distributed applications.


Upcoming Nutanix User Group Meetings - Month of October | Nutanix

Have you ever wanted to connect with other IT professionals in your area and talk tech, DevOps practices, OpenStack, Cloud and the latest trends in IT? The Nutanix user groups are a great place to start.


Hope you enjoyed this week’s roundup and you can always continue the conversation on our community forums.  

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