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What's New in Acropolis

by Community Manager ‎05-14-2016 12:10 AM - edited ‎05-14-2016 05:50 AM (3,541 Views)

We recently released AOS and I wanted to highlight several items including a couple tech preview features. I encourage you to download and start a discussion in our forums.


Cluster Metadata - Nutanix Engineering has implemented efficiencies and improvements to the cluster metadata processing and related container ID validation operations


Fingerprint-on-write vDisk Offset Limits - As of Acropolis 4.6.1, Nutanix Engineering removed the vDisk offset limit. The full vDisk can be fingerprinted and deduplicated. For Acropolis 4.6 and 4.6.0.x, the first 24 GB of a vDisk is eligible to be fingerprinted.


Tech Preview Features


In-Place Hypervisor Conversion - This 1-click feature available through the Prism web console allows you to convert your cluster from using ESXi hosts to using AHV hosts. Guest VMs are converted to the hypervisor target format, and cluster network configurations are stored and then restored as part of the conversion process


Note: This feature converts your existing ESXi cluster to an AHV cluster. You cannot start the conversion process on the AHV cluster.


Acropolis File Services - Provides file server capability within a Nutanix AHV cluster, as one or more network-attached VMs, to form a virtual file server.


Note: Do not use tech preview features in production environments.


Find out more about Acropolis


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Webster and Kohler In Kernel or Not In Kernel EP18

by Community Manager ‎04-07-2015 05:47 PM - edited ‎04-23-2015 07:45 AM (1,018 Views)


Welcome to this episode of the Nutanix NEXT Community Podcast. This weekly podcast is an informal and technical look at topics around Nutanix, web-scale, IT, and the online IT community. You can think of it as a campfire and coffee shop for the extended Nutanix community.


This week our guest is Michael Webster & Jonathan Kohler, Solutions Engineer’s at Nutanix


In Kernel or Not In Kernel – This Is The Hyperconverged Question

VMware vSphere: A Great Place to Run Enterprise Databases

In-Kernel or Not: Hyper-Converged Storage Services Hokey Pokey



Angelo Luciani @AngeloLuciani
Laura Whalen @Laura_Whalen
Dwayne Lessner @dlink7

John Mark Troyer @jtroyer


We’d love to hear what you think and we’re always looking for guests from the community. Contact us at community@nutanix.com. Follow @Nutanix on Twitter for news and announcements.


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