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AHV Performance with Hadoop Using Hortonworks HDP 2.3

by Nutanix Employee dlink7 on ‎12-03-2015 12:03 PM - last edited on ‎07-26-2016 08:49 AM by Community Manager (3,033 Views)

Performance of HDFS/Spark/Flume is made easy with the builtin auto-tiering into the XCP platform. Using Hortonworks HDP  2.3 we take a look at running the DSFIO benchmark and see how easy it is to montior the workload. 
This test was performed with a 3460 in only 2U of space! 



Nutanix Reference Architecture for Hadoop

Hadoop and the Big Yellow Elephant in the Room

by Community Manager ‎11-11-2015 06:38 AM - edited ‎11-11-2015 06:41 AM (2,071 Views)

Welcome to this episode of the Nutanix Community Podcast. This weekly podcast is an informal and technical look at topics around Nutanix, web-scale, IT, and the online IT community. 


This week we chat with Andrew Nelson about Hadoop, Big Data and scaling your environment. Andrew is a distributed systems specialist at Nutanix.



Andrew Nelson @vmwnelson

Andrew Nelson Blog

Video explaining Hadoop

What Is Apache Hadoop?


Angelo Luciani @AngeloLuciani

Dwayne Lessner @dlink7


We’d love to hear what you think and we’re always looking for guests from the community. Contact us at community@nutanix.com. Follow @Nutanix on Twitter for news and announcements.


Subscribe to the podcast using iTunes, Stitcher or SoundCloud. See you next time!

New Hadoop Reference Architecture

by Nutanix Employee dlink7 ‎10-29-2015 03:24 PM - edited ‎10-29-2015 03:51 PM (3,508 Views)

I've had a great time working on the newest reference architecture for Hadoop running on top of the Acropolis hypervisor. It was fun to work with so many people across the company to get the testing and validation finished. Engineering, Solutions, Alliances, Marketing and SE’s alike all helped at some point.


Prasad Athawale, now Director of Business Development use to work at Yahoo and in the Nutanix engineering department saved me a ton of time. Getting MapReduce tuned for the TeraSort can be art in itself so I was happy to have Prasad to answer my questions. The Engineering team was also able to further optimize sequential traffic with the 4.5 and they were able keep more in flash with changing the heuristic on auto-teriing of SSD to HDD.


While the work was done using Hortonworks Data Platform 2.3 you could just slot in Cloudera and you’d be off to the races too. While there is no licensing cost for the Acropolis Hypervisor the real story is around ease of use.


The main take always from the work is nicely summed up below.




If you want to hear about the RA and how HDFS and the Acropolis DSF work together I would encourage you to sign up to the webinar happening next week. There are two separate times so hopefully we can make it convenient for you regardless of time zone.


Sign up here for the webinar : Make Hadoop An App, Not An Adventure


You can download the new RA from the Nutanix website: Hadoop on Acropolis 


Let me know if you have any questions.



Dwayne Lessner


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