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Nutanix and Microsoft Create Hybrid Cloud Building Blocks with Cloud Platform System - Standard

by Community Manager ‎09-21-2016 06:05 PM - edited ‎09-21-2016 06:08 PM (4,102 Views)

As IT continues to evolve, private clouds have become a core part of many businesses.  The flexibility and agility these clouds can provide to IT consumers is rapidly becoming an expected deliverable, rather than just a value-addition. 


However, these clouds often come at the expense of IT, with complexity in setup, configuration, and scaling.  In light of this, Nutanix has teamed up with Microsoft to offer the Microsoft Cloud Platform System (CPS)-Standard for Nutanix


Combining the cloud experience of Microsoft, with their Azure and System Center product lines, with Nutanix’s own Enterprise Cloud platform, consisting of Acropolis and Prism, IT departments are able to rapidly deploy, manage, and most importantly scale these critical services.


What is Microsoft CPS – Standard for Nutanix?





Microsoft CPS-Standard for Nutanix automates the installation of the Microsoft stack on the award-winning Nutanix platform.  CPS-S includes:


  • Our most common model – the NX-3000 Series – which provides a balanced set of storage and compute
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Microsoft System Center – Both Operations Manager (SCOM) to monitor your datacenter and Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) for VM management
  • Microsoft Azure Pack (WAP) which provides an Azure-like portal for your users to consume on-prem IT resources
  • Microsoft SQL to support System Center and Windows Azure Pack


These four Microsoft products are all installed directly from the factory.  This means that setup is extremely straightforward.  Simply rack and stack the gear, and then run through the automated Nutanix Foundation process to assign the correct IPs to the cluster with no need to image. Foundation combines cluster initialization with imaging as needed.  Once the cluster is created, Foundation will redirect you to Prism.


From Prism, you can run the integrated Hyper-V configuration scripts.  The first two are standard for all installs of Hyper-V and prepare the cluster to run VMs by joining the Hyper-V nodes to the domain and creating a failover cluster for HA VMs. Check out this video for a demo of these scripts.



 Prepare the cluster for VMs with a few clicks and simple input


At this point the CPS-S process diverges slightly.  A third setup script is run which deploys SCOM, SCVMM, and WAP. These files are already on the system, so no need to provide additional files.  Once this final script is finished you are ready to provision clouds from SCVMM which your users can consume through WAP. 


The beauty of this process is that in a traditional environment each one of these steps is incredibly time-consuming.  SCVMM by itself is a 15 step process that includes resolving multiple dependences and configuring a database to store its information.  With CPS, all of that configuration is handled for you automatically and you can go from installation to deployed in hours, not days or weeks.


The configuration is only part of why CPS-S is so special.  As outlined above, scalability is a critical part of any private cloud.  Luckily this is our specialty.  With a few simple GUI steps you can quickly scale your infrastructure by adding new nodes.  With the Acropolis Distributed Storage Fabric (ADSF), you know that this scaling will be linear and won’t introduce any new bottlenecks.  Check out “How it works” for a detailed overview of how Nutanix makes scaling a breeze.


CPS-S as a Management Cluster

Since SCVMM is not bound by hardware vendor, it can manage and serve up resources from any Hyper-V infrastructure.  This means that using CPS-S you can quickly retrofit your existing Hyper-V environment – no matter if it is a Nutanix solution or other Hyper-V system - and serve the resources in a cloud-like fashion.


CPS-S for Your Critical Applications

In the press release Nutanix issued during the launch of CPS-S for Nutanix, we reported that over 50% of the new workloads new customers brought (or were anticipated to bring) on to Nutanix during the financial quarter ending April 30, 2016, were Enterprise Applications.


Microsoft CPS-S for Nutanix delivers the agility, scalability, and predictability that our approximately 3,750 customers are already familiar with to a wide range of Microsoft and Windows applications including SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, Dynamics, and Skype for Business.


No matter where you are on your cloud journey today, CPS-S can accelerate your adoption and help your IT users reap the benefits.  With Nutanix and Microsoft the cloud is closer than ever.


Nutanix at Ignite

Nutanix is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor at Microsoft Ignite 2016 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, September 26 – September 30, 2016. Visit us at booth #1310 to learn more about CPS-S, including a demo of the various integrations between Nutanix and Microsoft.  We covering these integrations in-depth from one of our senior technical and solutions engineers, Mike McGhee.


If you like what you see on the show floor and want to have a more in-depth discussion about our solutions, we would love to talk to you. Visit the Nutanix booth to schedule a meeting with our engineering, product management, or marketing team.


Finally, Nutanix is co-hosting a private party with Lenovo at the College Football Hall of fame.  Come to relax in style, tailgate Monday Night Football, and get a private tour!  Registration is available here.


Let’s Get Social!

You can stay connected with Nutanix throughout the entire Ignite 2016 event by following Nutanix or tweeting using the hashtag #NutanixAtIgnite on Twitter, and connecting with us on the Next community forms (next.nutanix.com)


We look forward to meeting you at our booth #1310 at Ignite in Atlanta where we will show you how to deliver mission-critical business applications securely and reliably, all while reducing your TCO at scale.  Your IT organization will truly be elevated to focus on delivering core business value and innovation by making your infrastructure invisible with the Nutanix enterprise cloud platform.


This post was authored by Chris Brown, Solutions Marketing Manager at Nutanix


Disclaimer: This blog contains links to external websites that are not part of Nutanix.com.  Nutanix does not control these sites and disclaims all responsibility for the content or accuracy of any external site. Our decision to link to an external site should not be considered an endorsement of any content on such site.


What's New in Acropolis 4.7

by Community Manager ‎06-28-2016 10:53 AM - edited ‎06-28-2016 11:02 AM (6,907 Views)

Whats New with.jpg


We recently released AOS 4.7, and I wanted to highlight several items including a tech preview feature. I encourage you to download and start a discussion in our forums.

Acropolis Block Services - Acropolis Block Services (ABS) provides highly available and high-performance block storage as iSCSI LUNs to clients. Clients can be non-Nutanix servers external to the cluster or guest VMs internal or external to the cluster, with the cluster block storage configured as one or more volume groups.


This block storage acts as the iSCSI target for client Windows or Linux operating systems running on a bare metal server or as guest VMs using iSCSI initiators from within the client operating systems.


Cluster Resiliency (Degraded Node Detection) - Nutanix Engineering has introduced capabilities in AOS to identify partially available nodes and prevent them from affecting cluster availability. It can detect if a node is experiencing network latency issues, disk or memory errors, or other issue that would affect cluster performance.


AOS marks the node as degraded, places it in maintenance mode, and raises an alert to indicate its status. The node will be prevented from participating in cluster operations and cluster operations will continue. The node can rejoin the cluster once the issue is fixed.


This feature is disabled by default and customers are advised to contact Nutanix Support to enable and use it. 


Docker Container Support - The Nutanix volume plug-in for Docker enables Docker deployments to be integrated with external storage systems, in this case the Nutanix distributed file system (NDFS), and enable data volumes to persist beyond the lifetime of a single container machine host.


HBA Disk Controller Firmware 1-Click Upgrade - The LSI host bus adapter/controller (HBA) 1-click firmware upgrade feature is available for Acropolis hypervisor (AHV) and ESXi hypervisor host environments running on NX-xxxx G4 (Haswell) or NX-xxxx-G5 (Broadwell) platforms only.


In-Place Hypervisor Conversion - Previously tech preview, this 1-click feature available through the Prism web console allows you to convert your cluster from using ESXi hosts to using AHV hosts. Guest VMs are converted to the hypervisor target format, and cluster network configurations are stored and then restored as part of the conversion process.


Note: This feature converts your existing ESXi cluster to an AHV cluster. You cannot start the conversion process on the AHV cluster.


Support for the Microsoft Cloud Platform System - Support for the Microsoft Cloud Platform System (CPS), which bundles Windows Server 2012 R2, System Center 2012 R2 and Windows Azure Pack for easier hybrid cloud configuration. Nutanix offers the CPS Standard version pre-installed on nodes from the factory.


Tech Preview Features

Acropolis File Services - Provides file server capability within a Nutanix AHV cluster, as one or more network-attached VMs, to form a virtual file server.

Note: Do not use tech preview features in production environments.

Find out more [go

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Microsoft Cloud Platform System Standard on Nutanix

by Community Manager on ‎06-27-2016 12:10 AM (4,143 Views)

Microsoft and Nutanix have partnered to deliver a seamless hybrid cloud solution by offering a factory-install of Microsoft Cloud Platform System (CPS) Standard on the Nutanix platform. To learn more visit http://www.nutanix.com/cps

Through this joint solution, customers are able to:

· Build Azure consistent private clouds in hours
· Enable native hybrid cloud services
· Provide multi-tenant, self-service developer access
· Scale infrastructure easily
· Upgrade and patch the entire stack with one-click simplicity

Nutanix is the ideal platform for Microsoft CPS Standard. Nutanix makes IT infrastructure invisible with an enterprise cloud platform that delivers the agility and economics of public cloud without sacrificing the security and control of on-premises infrastructure.



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