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10 Things to Know About Nutanix™ on Cisco UCS®

by Community Manager ‎12-01-2016 02:13 PM - edited ‎01-12-2017 03:16 PM (3,043 Views)


This blog was authored by EJ Bodnar, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Nutanix


These are the top ten things you should know about Nutanix™ on Cisco UCS®.


1) Nutanix™ Enterprise Cloud Platform for Cisco UCS® Named a 2016 CRN Product of the Year Winner.

  • CRN® has named Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform™ for Cisco® Unified Computing System (UCS) a winner in the 2016 Product of the Year Awards in the Hyperconverged Infrastructure category.

  • The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform™ took first in two subcategories: Technology and Customer Demand.


2) More customers choose Nutanix™ than all other hyperconverged offerings combined.

  • Nutanix™ has over 50% market share, according to Gartner(1).


3) Customers running Nutanix™ save 71% in time and 58% in TCO by running Nutanix™.

  • Nutanix™ capabilities include multiple hypervisor support, advanced data optimization, web-scale design including scale-out storage services, predictive capacity planning, one-click software upgrades and much more.


4) Nutanix™ is fully tested & validated and is currently running on Cisco UCS® C- Series Servers in live customer environments worldwide.

  • Nutanix™ independently validated and certified Nutanix™ software on Cisco UCS® C-Series servers. In addition, Nutanix™ and Cisco® channel and SI partners have also successfully tested and validated Nutanix™ software on Cisco UCS® C-Series in both customer and partner environments.

  • Multiple customers across multiple industries in multiple countries are running Nutanix™ on Cisco UCS® C-Series Servers in live production environments.



5) Rackmount Cisco UCS® Servers are supported, with support for Blade servers in development.

  • Nutanix™ is currently available on Cisco® C220 and C240 Rackmount servers.

    In November 2016, Nutanix™ announced planned future support for Cisco® B200 Blade servers, as well as All-Flash and StorageOnly nodes.

  • As Cisco® customers express demand, Nutanix™ plans to add support for additional UCS® models.


6) Nutanix™ for Cisco UCS® is available as a software offering that can be deployed up front or added on later.

  • Nutanix™ is leveraging a classic “meet-in-the-channel” model where the Cisco UCS® servers are purchased separately from the Nutanix™ software.

  • Leading Cisco® channel partners around the world are offering Nutanix™ on UCS® and authorized distributors and resellers for Cisco® and Nutanix™ integrate the Cisco® hardware and Nutanix™ software together, either at their facilities or at the customer’s site, ensuring an exceptional experience for the joint Nutanix™ and Cisco® customer.


7) Nutanix™ software for Cisco UCS® is easy to order.

  • The Nutanix™ software has support bundled in, thereby providing Cisco UCS® customers a complete solution.

  • Nutanix™ software is priced per node for a fixed term (1/3/5 years).


8) Cisco UCS® customers receive top notch Support leveraging industry standard processes.

  • Support is handled by Nutanix™ and Cisco®’s industry leading customer support teams. Nutanix™ supports the Nutanix software and Cisco® supports the Cisco UCS® hardware.
  • While customers will typically call Cisco® first for obvious hardware issues and Nutanix™ for obvious software issues, Nutanix™ is always ready to take the first call.
  • Nutanix™ will coordinate Cisco’s hardware support cases through TSANet (Technical Support Alliance Network – www.tsanet.org) which hands off to Cisco® for hardware support and replacement.
  • Customers receive the highest level of Support as Nutanix™ consistently achieves a Net Promoter Score of 90+.


9) Nutanix™ pioneered Hyperconverged Infrastructure.

  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure natively combines x86-based compute and storage resources with intelligent software to create flexible building blocks that replace legacy infrastructure consisting of separate servers, storage networks and storage arrays.
  • While hyperconvergence is not an end point in itself, it is the fundamental building block for the ultimate destination of the Enterprise Cloud Platform.


10) Nutanix™ pioneered the Enterprise Cloud Platform.

  • Nutanix™ pioneered the concept of hyperconverged infrastructure. However, where other vendors view that as the destination, Nutanix™ sees hyperconverged infrastructure as simply a stepping stone on the road to delivering a complete Enterprise Cloud Platform.
  • Nutanix’s ultimate journey is to make infrastructure invisible and enable customers to focus on the applications and services that power their business.
  • Providing an Enterprise Cloud Platform means removing the technological barriers that force customers to choose between on-premise and public cloud deployments, and Nutanix™ enables Cisco UCS® customers to span both. 
  • Therefore, the choice of where compute and where data reside ultimately becomes simply a business decision that can be dialed back and forth.



Nutanix on Cisco UCS

Nutanix natively converges compute, storage and virtualization into a turnkey enterprise cloud platform that can be deployed in 30-60 minutes, and runs any app at any scale






(1) Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated Systems Published: 10 October 2016

(2) IDC White Paper | Quantifying the Business Value of Nutanix Solutions, August 2015


© 2016 Nutanix, Inc. All rights reserved. Nutanix™ is a trademark of Nutanix, Inc., registered in the United States and other countries. Cisco® and Cisco UCS® are the registered trademarks of Cisco Technology, Inc. Nutanix is not associated with, sponsored or endorsed by Cisco.


Forward-Looking Statements

This blog includes express and implied forward-looking statements concerning product features and technology that are under development or in process and capabilities of such product features and technology, and our plans to introduce product features, including support for Cisco USC B-Series blade servers, in a future release. These forward-looking statements are not historical facts, and instead are based on our current expectations, estimates, opinions and beliefs.  The accuracy of such forward-looking statements depends upon future events, and involves risks, uncertainties and other factors beyond our control that may cause these statements to be inaccurate and cause our actual results, performance or achievements to differ materially and adversely from those anticipated or implied by such statements, including, among others: failure to develop, or unexpected difficulties or delays in developing, new product features or technology on a timely or cost-effective basis; the introduction, or acceleration of adoption of, competing solutions, including public cloud infrastructure; a shift in industry or competitive dynamics or customer demand; and other risks detailed in our registration statement on Form S-1, as amended, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. These forward-looking statements speak only as of the date of this blog and, except as required by law, we assume no obligation to update forward-looking statements to reflect actual results or subsequent events or circumstances.  Any future product or roadmap information is intended to outline general product directions, and is not a commitment, promise or legal obligation for Nutanix to deliver any material, code, or functionality.  This information should not be used when making a purchasing decision.  Further, note that Nutanix has made no determination as to if separate fees will be charged for any future product enhancements or functionality which may ultimately be made available.  Nutanix may, in its own discretion, choose to charge separate fees for the delivery of any product enhancements or functionality which are ultimately made available.


The ROI of Nutanix on Cisco UCS

by Community Manager ‎08-18-2016 06:15 AM - edited ‎11-03-2016 09:01 AM (6,067 Views)



This post was authored by Steven Kaplan, VP of Client Strategy at Nutanix


Nutanix, in response to requests from both major customers and leading partners of Cisco®, has announced software support on UCS® C-Series rackmount servers. UCS C-Series customers can now continue benefiting from the management, scalability, and networking capabilities of their Cisco architectures while also gaining access to the simplicity and automation of Nutanix in their datacenters. The resulting enterprise cloud platform offers better scalability and significant savings versus traditional infrastructure while enabling both exceptional agility and resiliency for the business.


Cisco UCS

Cisco unveiled the UCS in March of 2009 to a stream of ridicule from both competitors and media who maintained that the networking leader didn’t know anything about the low-margin server business – and was bound to fail.


But UCS was not just another server – it was developed over a number of years under the leadership of VMware co-founder and former CTO, Ed Bugnion, as the first compute platform designed for optimal hosting of a virtualized datacenter. It was obvious to some of us in the industry that UCS innovations in architecture, performance, unified fabric and management guaranteed its success in the increasingly virtualized landscape.


“The real money in servers is storage. While Cisco may enlarge the pie, it will shrink its margins. Heavy investment in a low-margin business. Sure, that'll make shareholders happy.” Robin Harris 03/19/2009. ZDNet.


A year from now the difference will be (Cisco) UCS (Unified Compute System) is dead.” Randy Seidl, VP Americas, Enterprise Servers Storage and Networking, HPCRN (04/26/2010)


Cisco defied the naysayers with rocketing UCS sales – it is now one of the top five enterprise server vendors in the world. Perhaps more significantly, USC provides the compute component for the leading converged infrastructure solutions, EMC’s Vblock and NetApp’s FlexPod, as well as for Hitachi’s UCP and Nimble’s SmartStack. The storage manufacturers are drawn to UCS’s ability to help simplify the complex 3-tier infrastructure combination of servers, centralized storage and storage network.


But converged infrastructure, even when built around UCS, only can go so far. Simplified product ordering and implementation is still frequently offset by lengthy troubleshooting calls between multiple manufacturers. Worse, the converged infrastructure solutions fail to address the many problems related to storage including separate management, network latency limitations, switch fabric complexity, lack of scalability, high cost, downtime vulnerability, and so on.


The Hyperconverged Revolution

Over five years ago, Nutanix shook up the industry by showing how a software-defined approach to infrastructure can aggregate local server storage to run even large IT organizations. Simplified management, better scalability and improved resiliency combine with the potential for reduced costs to render the legacy model of separate SANs and servers all but irrelevant.


Nutanix’s fractional consumption model benefits from increasing density of VMs per node as a byproduct of Moore’s Law, reducing the number of new nodes required as the project expands over the years. And Nutanix’s software-defined enhancements enable even existing nodes to accommodate more VMs. Combining the administrative ease of 1-click upgrades with a dramatically reduced datacenter footprint and single pane-of-glass management amplifies the operating expense savings over the life of the project.


The leading research organizations show exploding growth of the hyperconverged market (Gartner forecasts $5B, or 24% of the integrated systems market, by 2019). Dozens of manufacturers have piled into the field from the large incumbent storage and virtualization players to numerous small start-ups. But while different offerings (think EVO:Rail / VSPEX Blue), and even companies, have come and gone, I still count 37 hyperconverged players today.


Naturally, Cisco recognizes the huge potential of hyperconvergence for its customers. In late 2014, Cisco certified Maxta as the first hyperconverged solution to run on UCS, and it certified four others the following year. In March of this year, Cisco introduced HyperFlex which is its own OEM offering using SpringPath software.


Enterprise Cloud

“Presidio is a trusted advisor to thousands of enterprise and commercial clients across the US, helping them implement best-of-class IT solutions to speed their digital transformations. We believe the combination of Cisco UCS and Nutanix provides clients with a powerful new alternative in multi-hypervisor hyper converged solutions running on top of an innovative server and networking platform with Enterprise Class Management features. This new approach helps companies make infrastructure invisible, and ultimately enables them to seamlessly realize a hybrid or multi cloud architecture.”  Vinu Thomas, Chief Technology Officer, Presidio (a $2.9 billion IT solutions provider)


The mission of Nutanix is to set customers free from their silos of IT infrastructure so they can focus on the apps and services that power their businesses. This mission now extends to UCS C-Series customers who no longer need to deal with legacy storage arrays or with hyperconverged solutions that still limit simplicity, scalability and agility.


While UCS, for example, utilizes innovations such as services profiles to simplify server management in a virtualized datacenter environment, the UCS firmware upgrade process is still time-consuming. Out of the gate, Nutanix will have an NX service profile for UCS and, in a few months, we anticipate will enable the same seamless 1-click upgrades to UCS as to Nutanix’s own and other partner platforms. With a single click, UCS C-series customers will not only upgrade their Nutanix software, but also the underlying UCS servers and even the hypervisor.


And speaking of hypervisors, infrastructure cannot truly be invisible without offering customers choice. Nutanix supports VMware, Hyper-V and its own hypervisor, AHV, on UCS (due to hardware constraints, Hyper-V will only be supported on two of the three UCS C-series models).


The importance of AHV, the next-generation hypervisor, cannot be overstated. AHV is experiencing fantastic momentum along with extraordinary industry support; even manufacturers such as Microsoft and Citrix who have their own hypervisors are still behind the Nutanix hypervisor. AHV provides UCS C-series customers with a simple alternative to vSphere since workloads can automatically (with a single click) be moved back and forth between AHV and vSphere.


Investment Protection and Enhanced ROI




Nutanix has enabled thousands of customers across the globe to save huge amounts of money by migrating even their most demanding workloads to the Nutanix enterprise cloud platform. Cisco USC C-series customers can now access similar savings without sacrificing the investments they’ve made in building their compute and networking environments around UCS.


But as significant as Nutanix infrastructure cost reductions may be, the biggest ROI from an enterprise cloud typically results from an ability to increase business agility. An IDC study last year of 13 Nutanix customers showed average annual benefits from migrating to Nutanix of $2.22 million per organization with business productivity (i.e. agility) accounting for 43% of the overall total benefits (you can download the report here).


Nutanix enables Cisco USC C-series customers to bring AWS-like simplicity and scalability to their own datacenters, but with lower cost and greater control. And Nutanix Application Mobility Fabric increasingly enables customers to effectively utilize a hybrid environment, allowing UCS C-series customers to achieve a combination of on-premises and public cloud.



© 2016 Nutanix, Inc. All rights reserved. Nutanix is a trademark of Nutanix, Inc., registered in the United States and other countries.  Cisco® and Cisco UCS® are the registered trademarks of Cisco Technology, Inc. Nutanix is not associated with, sponsored or endorsed by Cisco. All other brand names mentioned herein are for identification purposes only and may be the trademarks of their respective holder(s).


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