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/vdisks vs /virtual_disks


/vdisks vs /virtual_disks

What are the differences between /vdisks and /virtual_disks targets?

Shouldn't they be the same target?

There is no documentation in the API itself that really explains this.


Re: /vdisks vs /virtual_disks

Ping. Anyone have an idea about this?

Nutanix Employee

Re: /vdisks vs /virtual_disks



virtual-disk - This is the file that is referred by the sas/ide controller in the vm's configuration file .vmx or .xml. 


vdisk   - this is the file where the data is stored.


In Nutanix on Esxi virtual-disk will point to the .vmdk file (disk descriptor file) in the nfs datastore and the vdisk will point to the  -flat.vmdk file.


In AHV the virtual-disk will point to the same files as we don't have separate disk descriptor file like esxi.