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The /cluster vs /clusters api target


The /cluster vs /clusters api target

Why is there a /cluster and and /clusters target? The singular one implies a unique target whereas the plural returns data for all clusters.


What is the difference between the two?

Does /cluster refer to the master CVM?

Nutanix Employee

Re: The /cluster vs /clusters api target

The difference between the 2 is functional. The /cluster endpoint is used for getting/setting configuration for a specific cluster. The /clusters endpoint is more focused on providing the operational state across your environment (alerts/events)




Re: The /cluster vs /clusters api target

When you say there is a GET /cluster, you are implying that there is a unique cluster that is correlated to the API. What is that cluster?What is its unique position in the hierarchy of clusters?


It's clear that that same cluster is listed in the /clusters GET target.