Sizer Basic available to all Nutanix customers

  • 21 October 2020
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Hi everyone

I lead the Sizer team.  I wanted to formally introduce Sizer Basic which is now available for all customers in their My Nutanix portal

Sizer Basic - Provides customers a simple approach to building out an environment.  Maybe you are thinking about new projects or want to do some what-ifs on expanding your cluster with more workloads.  Sizer Basic is great to scope that out.  From there can share the scenario with your SE.  

Here is a demo


11 replies

Hi ,

I have used sizer for the capacity estimation during the VMware workload migrations. 

Just wanted to know how the sizer calculates the CVM overhead in the Solution. 

For eg for 8 nodes it calculates 32 cores and for 4 16 cores. 

So it would be really helpful if you can help me in this regards .




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hi Rajat


It will vary by workload a bit but 4 physical cores per node is typical as indicated above



Hi Walt,


Thanks for the info.  Will that means the CPU will have 1:4 pcpu:vcpu for CVMs and will that ration will be good enough for normal non cpu intensive workloads.



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correct for most workloads that is fine

when we size databases we go to 6 min or even 12 physical cores

How about giving access to prospective customer also?

Why do I have to be an existing customer to get that information?

Same goes for the HCL.

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actually anyone can get access here


it is same version just 30 day account



I’m getting the following.
I’m not a partner, just a prospective customer with no registered cluster.



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you get that when you go to ??  This is just on our web site.  I would just use a different name and email


Using a new email address worked but the tool is mostly useless as is.

Missing most of the feature shown in the demo.

  • Cannot select vendors other than Nutanix.
  • Sizing options is not available 
  • Can’t see the BOM.
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it is limited to Nutanix.  hmmm thought BOM and sizing options are though limited to Auto

This is what I see. Only Nutanix, no sizing options and BOM grayed out.
Not sure what you mean by “limited to Auto”