Windows Boot F8 Delay

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When using AHV, is there a way to set the black (pre-boot) screen in the VM duration longer. I was trying to press the F8 key, to get into directory restore mode/safe mode, but the black (pre-boot) screen raced by...


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I am also facing same issue but not getting any solution.
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If the server is able to boot normally u can restart using "shutdown /r /o" to access boot menu on next boot.

This is applicable on Windows 2012 and above

This....this needs to be addressed! There are issues with some versions of the VertIO drivers that really seem to host a migrated guest. Really hard to try and get into safe mode when it hangs on boot and your only option is to magically time it just right and manage an F8.
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A dated (now) article, but so far I've not seen the option in AHV to boot into BIOS:

As of AHV 20170830.184, don't see the option (yet):

vm.update_boot_device boot_device_order=k
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