Slow Transfer speeds

  • 20 March 2015
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New Nutanix install - vSphere 5.5.0

While transfering a 200GB file on a Virtual Host from the C: Drive to the E: drive I'm not getting anything faster than 50mb/s and sometimes down to 25mb/s.

Anyone else seeing this type of behavior?

Or have a solution to resolve slow speeds?

3 replies

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Thanks for posting @mbyrtus

@DonnieBrasco @cbadami can you guys add anything to this thread?
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What Nutanix Model you are using in the setup ?
How many VM's are running on the node where you are running this file copy ?
Can you try copying smaller file maybe ~50gb and check the results ?
Did you ran diagnostics VM before creating productions VMs in the cluster ?
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What is the OS of the VM and what type of scsi controller is it using for the virtual disks?
I would suggest to add a second SCSI controller to the VM and have the E: drive connected through it,
Use the VMware Paravirtual controller as the type for both