Session at .NEXT: All Workloads on Nutanix: Stupid or Smart

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Priyadarshi_Pd and I are running an interesting session at .NEXT DC titled All Workloads on Nutanix: Stupid or Smart talking about the different characteristics of different workloads and whether they belong on Nutanix. In addition to hearing us talk about the different attributed and features, the session will feature a panel discussion with three Nutanix customers who have migrated multiple different workloads on to Nutanix; all with the purpose of uncovering what workloads are a logical fit on Nutanix and which ones aren't.

Swing by the sessions if you are at the conference:
1) Thursday 10:30 AM to 11:20 PM -- Cherry Blossom
2) Friday 9:00 AM to 9:50 AM -- Maryland C

Not at the conference, but interested in learning more of what we uncover? Stay tuned as we bring this session to you in a future virtual event. We'll also share some example framework/templates to help you think through how best to organize planning of workloads beyond what Nutanix delivers on our sizer (, Prism One-Click Planning functionality (, and more.

Keep the conversation going here -- share some of your thoughts on how does your team plan and organize workloads and their requirements in your datacenter or cloud environments and what attributes do they consider from performance to availability to expansion.

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