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Hi Together

Is there a way automatically provisioning Linux Server on Nutanix Platform with RedHat Satellite? It doen’t seem there is a nutanix provider for satellite.

And this link covers only Redhat subscription management

Someone tried “Libvirt” Provider in satellite with Nutanix?

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Hi Steve,


Just looking at doing similar but with Foreman rather than satellite. I have no idea if libvirt will work with AHV or not. Did you try it? Did you get anywhere?



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Hi Steve,

could you check if this document covers your question?


Sergei - thanks for that link, I’ve been also needing the ability to use virt-who against Nutanix from Sat6.  However, this doesn’t address the question, that answer is for RHEL clients running on Nutanix to have their licenses automatically updated in Sat6 via virt-who, rather than provisioning (building) new RHEL VMs in Nutanix via compute resource.  

I also would like to know if Nutanix has any info on this topic - we use Satellite for all RHEL server builds, and would like to be able to have a compute resource in Sat6 to do this.  I have gotten some to build using a custom iso from Sat6, but largely gave up after the first build and just cloned the rest.