Nutanix Metro Availability - ISO File Location

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Hello folks,

It might be a simple question, but we have the following "issue":
Two Nutanix clusters (AOS 5.5.x) with ESXi 6.5, configured for Metro Availability (two datastores with cross synchronous replication -> 1 active container and 1 standby container per site). Configured in a vSphere stretched cluster (containing the ESXi Hosts of both Nutanix clusters).
Now if the customer uploads his ISO image to only one of the metro availability datastore, he (correctly) gets a WARNING in Prism because a VM on Site B is mounting the ISO (located in the MA datastore for Site A VMs) on the Standby Container.
Some "solutions" to this might be:
  • Upload all ISO images to BOTH MA datastores (uses 4 times the space of the ISO image)
  • Upload the ISO image to only a local (not MA) datastores on both sites -> might this prevent vSphere HA from Restarting the VM in the Remote Site on a Site Failure if CD-ROM is still Connected?
  • Use a Local Content Library (no experience with that) ... but I don't know if this solves the problem (e.g. need the content library datastore need to be mounted on all ESXi hosts?)
What are your approaches for this?

Thanks in advance,

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