Network Series | Troubleshooting Networking on ESXi

  • 29 December 2019
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You have a new Nutanix solution configured using ESXi hypervisor and you’re facing issues with Networking like packet drops and NIC configuration.

You want to check if you have quite a lot of RX/TX errors in the NIC or if your NIC is flapping.

You might also want to check the VLAN and MTU configuration or how vmkernel port(vmkX)is configured.

Troubleshooting is fun if you understand the architecture and know the commands.

We have a knowledge base article to guide you regarding troubleshooting network issues on ESXi in a Nutanix environment and help to make the users a little more aware of the commands and the networking architecture.

Go through the following KB to get a brief idea regarding network troubleshooting in ESXi.


Go through the following vSphere Networking Guide to know more about the architecture.

vSphere Guide Networking 


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