IBM Lotus Domino

  • 23 August 2018
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I am suffering with exausthives crashing in my Domino server and IBM support said that the possible problem is related to disks.

I did an analysis in Prism and there are really trace of problems. The storage bandwith for this VM is much higher than all others.

Is there anyone running Lotus Domino sever on Nutanix Cluster? I would like to hear your feedback and feeling about it.

I am using Nutanix with vSphere 5.5.

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2 replies

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Hey Ronald,

We have had many legacy Domino servers on Nutanix for a while now with zero issues.

IBM support should be able to read the RIP file from the crash and tell you what Domino Server task/database/agent is causing the crashes. If it is disk related is is most likely within the OS, not on the Nutanix datastore.


Thank you for your cooperation, Sean!