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  • 19 October 2015
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I am new to hyperv.i added nutanix node to hyperv.but not able to see the container in hyperv.can anyone please advise how to view the smb share in hyperv.is there any need to add smb share to whitelist?

please advise


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Are you trying to view the container from the Hyper-V servers in the Nutanix cluster or from a management host? The Hyper-V nodes in the Nutanix cluster can open the containers by default. The nutanix cluster name in combination with the container name is equal to a UNC. For example from the Hyper-V server you can connect to a container within a PowerShell console by CD into \.

If it's an external management host, you'll need to whitelist that host to have connectivity. You can do this from within Prism. The filesystem whitelist option will be under the gear icon. After whitelisting you'll be able to use the same UNC example as above to connect via explorer or whatever method you prefer for connecting to SMB shares.