HyperV/Nutanix (SMB), VM import from Hyper-V manager

  • 8 March 2017
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I'm trying to import a VM using hyper-V manager but it is always saying "can't access folder, you might have not permission to access this folder" and tried to check all VMs and the same issue shows up.

Any idea why this error is there?
I'm thinking about modifying the permissions on VM folder, can we? knowing that i'm trying to access the VM folder from container share path [example: \container_name.........]

We are running hyperV2012R2 on nutanix 4.7.1

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7 replies

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Hi Pierreragainass

Have you whitelisted the host running Hyper-V manager to have access to the Nutanix SMB shares? This can be done through Prism. Also, is Kerberos enabled?

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Hi Mike,
Kerberos is enabled and the hyperV user is a domain admin & cluster admin on nutanix.
furthermore, the hyperv hosts are all whitelisted on containers.

i have something in mind, the hyperv hosts are windows core machines so i'm operating HyperV manager from a VMM machine which i'm not sure if it is whitelisted or not,,,,can double check, can this impact the VM import if it is not whitelisted?

On the other hand, i just want to make sure that VM import through hyperV manager is allowed for UNC paths over nutanix...is it supported?

Thank you,
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It is supported. Yes, it will impact the import, so you'll need to whitelist the VMM host. Since kerberos is enabled, have you setup constrained delegation?
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You are refering to delegation between hyperV nodes & VMM server as per the below article?

if yes, then we didn't perform the delegation, what do you think?
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That's right. You'll want to set delegation when using kerberos. If your domain functional level is 2012 or higher you can use powershell like this: http://www.thomasmaurer.ch/2014/02/hyper-v-over-smb-set-smb-constrained-delegation-via-powershell/

But if your domain level is lower you'll need to do it the old fashioned way, something like this:

I am facing the same issue.We have backup Exec 16.
what is solution for this?

For anyone still looking for some help on this, make sure you check the delegation permissions as mentioned above first. After you confirm that and you still have the permission error when attempting an import, you can try something that worked for me!

What ended up working as a workaround for me was to create a symbolic directory link on the Hyper-V host I was trying to import a new VM to. I was able to RDP to the host I wanted to use for the import and ran the following command to create a symbolic link. 

mklink /D “C:\mount” “\\NUTANIX\SMB_SHARE\”

With the link in place I was able to import from “c:\mount” instead of the share. This “tricks” the Hyper-V Manager into thinking the import is happening from a local drive. Once the import was complete, I was able to open up the settings of the VM and change the paths for VHD, snapshots and smart paging file locations from “c:\mount\” to the share on the Nutanix cluster. 

Then I was able to add it to the failover cluster manager (or VMMS if you’re using that). Booting up the VM and doing a live migration confirmed functionality of the VM. Once your done, be sure to get back on your RDP session and remove the symbolic link

rmdir “c:\mount”