How to plan ROBO Site

I wanted to know whether we can have Single Node ROBO site for users less then 30-50.
with only two VM Active Dir. and File Server.
or an Remote Office useing Win Terminal Services with Thin Client.
or an Remote Office with Existing EMC VNX storage box.
also how to plan a Box or calculate right Hardware.
yes I am new to Nutanix and trying to learn..
Vaibhav V.

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Hi Vaibhav, this may not directly answer your question, but a single node solution might not be the best solution depending on what your remote site needs are. Some useful llinks to look into ROBO options are: and
Since you mentioned having a file server in the remote site, you'll want to plan how you back up that data or if you can replicate it to another Nutanix cluster in the main office.
I hope this info helps you a little with your planning efforts.