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  • 16 June 2016
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Good day,

Quick question regarding Exchange on Hyper-V, I havn't been able to iron out all the questions regarding the support for Exchange on Hyper-V where the .VHDX files resides on the backed SMB3 part.

From a Microsoft stand-point they support .VHDX files on SMB3 as long as it's backed by block storage, but I havn't been able to verify that Nutanix actually goes under the "Block-Storage" part, on my own mind it should.

There are a few documents where Exchange on Hyper-V is mentioned, and in those SMB3 and iSCSI are both mentioned but no on what part (SMB3 for OS, iSCSI for Databases or in fact VHDX on SMB3 for databases also).

VMWare is rather straight forward, Volume Groups to be fully supported by Microsoft, period.
But what is the stand-point regarding Exchange on Hyper-V where databases are .VHDX on SMB3 from a Microsoft and Nutanix perspective?

Kind Regards

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3 replies

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Exchange on Nutanix/Hyper-V is fully supported end to end, no volume groups required.

Same thing with Exchange on Nutanix/AHV, fully supported end to end, no volume groups required.

Just use regular VHDX's like you would in any VM, and keep it simple
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Hi Jon,

And as always, thank you for a swift response.
That surely makes the deployment a whole lot simplier.

Is this information gathered somewhere for easy access? I have only been able to find Best-Practice/Guidelines in regards of VMWare (Volume Groups), few on AHV and then a few vague information sheets regarding Hyper-V where it was a bit unclear on the actual fully supported end-to-end solution in regards of SMB3 (I even think that document had .vmdk mentioned in it, and words like in-guest iSCSI which made it even more vague).

Also, any slated support for Shared .VHDX on SMB3 to be able to fully support Fail-Over Clusters without need for Volume Groups? Perhaps with Server 2016 with the new VHD Set?

Kind Regards
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RE Information Gathered:
I believe we're working on an Exchange on Hyper-V best practice guide. I'll double check on that.

RE Shared VHDX:
Support is tenatively slated for the very next release (4.6.2, 4.7)

Coincedentially, this is launching at the same time as factory integrated Microsoft CPS on Nutanix:

Funny how that works, eh?