Does Nutanix Support SQL Cluster on ESXI5.5?

  • 20 November 2014
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Hi All ,
As you know that to build a SQL cluster on vmware vsphere 5.5 I need to create RDM disk for both cluster's nodes with physical compitilty , and this will eliminate the vsphere from running vmotion (need to shutdown the host to migrate )since it is not supported.

My question is : does nutanix support create a SQL cluster ? and how they will replace the RDM (the physical LUN)?

And for licensing :Does nutanix base license support building critical application clusters for free?


8 replies

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I think Microsoft clustering might not work on VMware with Nutanix but it is supported with HyperV.

Nutanix licensing doesn't restrict microsoft clustering.

For microsoft clustering you can refer to one of the blogs written by Steven Poitras
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If you have appropriate Enterprise licensing, SQL AlwaysOn availability groups are probably the best way to achieve an HA SQL cluster without sacrificing your ability to do a vMotion.
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There are still some limitations with failover clustering on Hyper-V also. But these limitations will be addressed at some point, as will the limitations on ESXi. In the meantime there are third party tools that can be used to enable failover clustering to function as normal, such as SIOS DataKeeper. But these tools have not been validated by Nutanix and are supported by their respective vendors.
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Thought that the Nutanix has cover everything about the SQL Server operations esspecially when we are talking about HA / DR solutions! Nutanix must do some fast update on that ... I think nobody want to use third party tools to complete a solution for what I'm sure the Nutanix can do something the best and much faster that the providers of the third party tools to do such things!

I have started to force the Nutanix to the many companies and telling them that you have the best solution with the Nutanix technology but when I saw these kind of the partially supporting things .... this is not good! However I hope everything will be in the right place what Nutanix can cover for the SQL Server Hight Availability solutions!
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Dears ,
Do we have any update regarding HA clustering for SQL and other third party applications directly from Nutanix on vsphere and without third party tools???

The customer already have clustered applications which may be astopper to move from legacy to Nutanix.

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Thanks for the inquiry rami

vcdxnz001 anything you can add here?

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We will be enabling SCSI 3 PR natively in our iSCSI stack in a future release. This is required to make failover clustering work with in-Guest iSCSI. There are third party solutions that might be appropriate to use in the meantime, such as SIOS DataKeeper.
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At the moment most of our customers are going through an upgrade cycle for their SQL Server databases from SQL 2000, 2005 and 2008 up to 2012 or 2014. As part of this most are preferring to move to AlwaysOn Availability Groups as it provides superior data protection and superior availability and flexibility for their databases. There are some trade offs, as have been stated in other threads, such as additional database copies, these can be reduced by the use of compression. But additional database copies are good from a data protection and data failure domain perspective. Also using AAoG provides the database with better mobility and the ability to leverage Azure if that is required at any point. AAoG is Microsoft's direction for availability and deployment. Right now one of the things it can't do is distributed transactions, but I'm pretty sure that will change in future also. In the meantime we're working on the iSCSI stack to allow for SCSI3 Persistent Reservations to allow failover clusters.