Cluster name must be in FQDN format

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While attempting to upgrade from v4.7.1 to v5.x.x, the pre-upgrade fails with the following error: "Cluster name must be in FQDN format."

Is there a way to upgrade the name from "CLUSTER" to "" without downtime?
Or, alternatively, is there a way to perform the upgrade without making this change/ingoring this message?

Thanks all!

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Interesting question Coleman - let me see if I can find out.

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Hi Coleman -- What is the hypervisor? It sounds like you have Hyper-v.
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Hyper-V - Correct
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It sounds like the cluster is not joined to the domain. I am just boarding a plane as I type. If no one else has answered I will send you a couple troubleshooting steps.
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OK first.

Under the gear icon, can you select Join Cluster and Hosts to the Domain? If so, please follow the dialogs to join it to a domain.

If not here is the Nutanix portal URL on how to update the cluster name.

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Please provide feedback to James question if the clsuter is joined to a domain or not.


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Thanks for the feedback.

My clusters are domain joined and I don't have the option to "Join Cluster and Hosts...".