Centos using Volume Group for a shared file system

  • 1 April 2017
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Greetings,I'm new to Nutanix and would like to ask for advice on what works best for two or more Centos / RHEL linux servers to share a common storage using a volume group setup and a file system to allow this. I've did some research and tried setting up GFS2 standlone and also GFS2 with a clustered LVM but run into errors trying to set them up.Here are the methods tried:GFS2 standalonehttp://www.golinuxhub.com/2014/05/how-to-configure-gfs2-partition-in-red.html?m=1Clustered LVM GFS2http://www.tokiwinter.com/configuring-gfs2-on-centos-7/If someone could provide any of their experience or expertise - I would greatly appreciate it.Thank you

0 replies

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