AHV Turbo for Windows

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So over a year ago, there were reports of AHV turbo coming to us in 5.5. We are now at 5.10 and there have been no reports of VirtIO drivers for Windows supporting MultiQueuing.

Any ideas as to why?

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What are you referencing that tells you that multiqueue isn't available for windows?

The announcements show no caveat to guest OS. I do know for multiqueue, you need to have multiple vdisks in order to to take advantage of multiqueue.

Can you post your source stating it's not supported? Also virtio 1.1.3 was released back in July of last year. If it wasn't supported at initial release, I would imagine that the latest NGT includes this driver and supports multiqueue on Windows guest operating systems.
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"However to squeeze out the absolute maximum out of Windows workload, a new multiqueue driver is required. Current VirtIO-SCSI driver package does not contain this driver yet, but the future versions will do."

If it is supported, Id like to A) see how/where to check if its enabled and B)how to enable.
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"Both Windows and Linux workloads benefit from AHV Turbo without making any tuning or changes at the operating system layer."

It's states this in the article you shared.

So to answer B, there's nothing for you to do to enable it for Windows or Linux. You can find this in the AHV Turbo documentation in the portal. For Linux operating systems you can check this page

There is no native way to check this in windows.
I would highly encourage leveraging support to make sure that they don't have tools that can help on the windows side.