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Can we get a section opened for REST API Questions?


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Thank you for this request. The community continually asses how to modify the categories and topics based on posts and activity. Your comments truly help this process.
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More specifially, I'm getting no data returned from the CE REST API Explorer. I don't have access to a production system to see what it should look like but I believe it should look like the images on this site: I am able to work with the REST API via PowerShell so it isn't the API itself that's causing my problem.
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I've looked all over and I keep reading documents like, but it does not tell you how to upgrade the API.

Exactly how do you upgrade to REST API v2 using Prism or any other tool??????
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The REST API is packaged with AOS or Prism Central. The REST API is just another interface, so we package it with the core software. Prism is graphical interface and the REST API is the programing interface. Please upgrade your cluster to AOS 5.0 and later. Then you will be able to use the v2 APIs.
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Hi @Braundo

It's great to have you here - you might have missed it but we have an API section - [go]. Also check out the I'm new here, how do I get started? in our welcome area - this will give you a sense of the categories and topics we have. 👍