Hi. Can anyone give a hand on how to use command to exit CVM cluster reconfig mode?

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Hi.Can anyone give a hand on how to use command to exit CVM cluster reconfig mode?
My appliance is DELL XC6320 ,CVM version 3.10.0-229.24.2.el6.nutanix.20151220.x86_64 .

I was doing some test on it. I used below steps to modify cvm ip addr:
1.cluster stop
2.cluster reconfig
3.enter http://[cvmipv6addr]:2100/ip_reconfig.html to modify CVMs IP,but waited for long time,no response.
4.so I used ssh to enter each CVM,modified /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 ,changed eth0 ip.
saved,then rebooted each cvm.
5.then I found I cant quit reconfig mode in web GUI,and cant start cluster,always reported:
...cluster is in process of being reconfigured,pls finish cluster reconfiguring...
stucked here and I really dont want to go factory reset. Appreciated for any help.

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alexjin - Thanks for reaching out, can you file a support ticket so we can drill into this with you over WebEx?

You can do that through portal.nutanix.com for NX/SX and your respective OEM for Dell XC or Lenovo HX.
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Thanks Jon. Since we need to put this unit on demo ASAP,no time to wait more,so I reimaged all CVM and now everything's fine. Thanks again.
Hi Sir,

May I ask one question for how to change my hyper-v host ip?
Cluster running is well but PRISM show alert message as following list

Hypervisor x.x.x.x is not reachable from Controller VM "new ip" in the last 6 attempts.

can you please show me how to fix it?

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Hey Sean - can you submit a support ticket and we can help you live? You can submit ticket on portal.nutanix.com if you are a NX or SX customer, or through Dell or Lenovo for XC or HX respectively
Hi Jon,

Thanks for your responseI located in Asia, i am afraid the time not convenient for you.So I just ask for document or Vendor later.

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We have 24/7 support across the globe, with follow the sun support. This means we've got support centers based in Asia/APAC for day time Asia support cases.

Please open a case and APAC support will help you.
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Hi Alex,

Could you please tell me how to reimage the CVM ?