Creating an Image (from URL) using Powershell

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Hi Everyone,

I am migrating VMs to AHV from XenServer.

The process involves
  • Copy XenServer VM Disks to Nutanix Datashare on XenServer
  • Create DISK_IMAGE from the disks copied on Nutanix DataShare
The manual process is to create an image in Nutanix using URL
nfs://Nutanix Host IP/SR Name/SR UUID/DISK UUID.vhd

I am looking to automate this step using Powershell and Nutanix Cmdlets 'New-NTNXImage'

Please help me on how can I create a image (source: URL) using powershell

So far I have this,

$URL = "nfs://"

New-NTNXImage -Name "xenahvwintst - disk 1" -Annotation "Copied VM xenahvwintst - disk 1" -ImageType DISK_IMAGE -ImageImportSpec $URL

I am not sure on how to include the URL into the command to create NTNXImage

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The problem is described in detail in the post link given below:
Please see the post: