Cluster version[5.1.3] and Cmdlets version[5.1.2] do not match

last week we updated to 5.1.3, and it just so happens I had to build a new script dev machine, so after the update, I did a fresh install of the cmdlets from prism..

the above message happens and I can't get around it. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, even blew away my vm and built it from scratch again, no luck.

is there any way to get around this? We are a brand new customer, and this doesn't bode well to our conversion from our Xen farm.. I need to be able to script power on / power off groups of vm's before we can convert.

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As a workaround, you can use the switch "-ForcedConnection" to bypass the version mismatch.

Connect-NTNXCluster -Server xx.xx.xx.xx -AcceptInvalidSSLCerts -ForcedConnection

I Will check with the dev team on this and share the details shortly.
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OldMetalGuyI have raised an internal case with Dev team for this and will be taken care from upcoming releases.Is there anything else we can help?
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