Cannot connect CMDlets to Cluster

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I installed the Cmdlets from Prism element.

I can succesfully start it, but when I try to connect to my cluster
(As described here:

I get this error:

What am I missing here?


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Just to confirm, Are you able to login to prism with this account?

Please share the AOS and powershell version.

Also,can you try the below command:

connect-ntnxcluster instead of connect-nutanixcluster

If still you reveive error, can you share the logs located in below location?

Sandeep MP
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Hey sandeepmp

For the moment I don't have time to further look into this matter since we did a workaround for this month.

Next month we will make some time to test this again, I will come back to your answers then.

Thanks for the fast reply!

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Are you on AOS 5? Try "Connect-NTNXCluster", think I saw it was changed to this.
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I forgot to install .net framwork 4.0 on the VM I was using to connect..

It's all good now.
This is the command i used:

Connect-NutanixCluster -Server server_name -UserName admin_username -AcceptInvalidSslCerts

Thanks for the replies.