VM Table theme, closer display with $Vmw and XenCenter

  • 19 July 2018
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AHV is awesome but the html5 VM table view is not so much.
  1. there is no color.
  2. actions are all the way down at the bottom of the list of VMs.
I propose that either the display be re-written or you give customers the option to apply "themes" with downloadable and custom VM table displays.
I would like to see:
  1. better use of some color
  2. actions either to the right of each VM or via a right click.
You have to remember that you are trying to convince and steal away customers who have been using $VMW for 18 or so years. It needs to look and feel like what they're used to (pretty). Smell like it... this will help with OPEX and lessen the required training and emotional stress. Yes, people have to be emotionally ready for technology. Having a similar interface would help. XenCenter for example looks and feels like vmw.

In a nutshell, provide a branch - tree view as an option or replacement for the current VM Table view. Replace most of the column views next to the VM with actions such as stop, suspend, power on/off, migrate, etc. Or do like vmware and allow me to CHOOSE what I want displayed in those columns next to each VM.

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