Two node cluster - direct-connected option for storage traffic

  • 28 August 2019
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In our smaller locations where 10GbE isn't available it would be nice to have the option of directly connecting a two node Nutanix cluster to one another for the storage traffic. This would ensure high storage throughput and low latency without the 10GbE requirement at the upstream switching layer. True, for these smaller 2-node sites we don't expect a huge workload, but having this option would be a nice feature to take advantage of.

2 replies


Looking at this as well. Just setting up a two node cluster on a remote site without 10GbE switch.
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and going down to what is not supported I read:

Clusters that have two (or more) vSwitches or bridges for CVM traffic isolation. In this release, the CVM management network (eth0), which carries user VM traffic, and the CVM backplane network (eth2) must reside on a single vSwitch or bridge. These CVM networks cannot be placed on separate vSwitches or bridges.


That puts and end to my plan of running the CVM traffic on another bridge that has 10GbE connected with “crossed” cables. Maybe we can hope for this support in future releases.

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Another use case would be decreasing the time it takes for upgrades like AOS or firmware.  The transition from single node cluster to two node cluster takes a VERY long time.  In our case we have a dedicated 1 gig connection for the storage traffic and if we used 10 it would reduce the total upgrade time significantly.  For example, we ran an AOS upgrade from to 5.11.2 and at least 90 minutes of the 4+ hour upgrade process was data transfer between the two CVMs as the cluster transitioned from one to two node.  Below is the network usage graph for one of the CVMs during the upgrade.